National School Garden Program

in partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill

  • Ellis School Garden (Denver, CO)
  • A school garden bounty (Buffalo, NY)
  • Ellis School Garden to Cafeteria Program (Denver, CO)
  • Friendship Garden (Charlotte, NC)
  • Composting at Dawes Elementary School (Chicago, IL)
  • Harvesting parsnips (Buffalo, NY)
  • Class in the garden (Long Island, NY)

We grow community around school gardens by providing technical assistance, resources and partnerships to cultivate the next generation of healthy eaters of good, clean and fair food.

Slow Food USA's National School Garden Program (NSGP) aims to reconnect youth with their food by teaching them how to grow, cook and enjoy real food. Through increased confidence, knowledge gain and skill building, we want to empower children to become active participants in their food choices. By becoming informed eaters, today’s children will help make a positive impact on the larger world of food and farming well into the future.

The goal of the NSGP is to support local Slow Food chapters and volunteers to become more effective in sustaining school garden programs in their community. We hope chapters will serve as a local school garden hub of important resources and volunteer assistance, as well as a connector that facilitates partnerships on the ground. And with generous support from Chipotle Mexican Grill, the expansion of Slow Food USA’s National School Garden Program brings an abundance of resources to Slow Food chapters and schools across the country.

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How’s It Growing

  • Slow Food at the Edible Schoolyard Academy

    Slow Food at the Edible Schoolyard Academy

    Christina Nelson, Slow Food Urban San Diego, September 18, 2015

    This summer, we welcomed a cohort from Slow Food USA's National School Garden Program as Edible Schoolyard Academy participants. This post is the first in a series sharing the group's perspectives on their experience at the Academy training as well as each Slow Food chapter's unique approach to connecting students with good, clean, and fair food.
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  • On Land: Student Habitat Garden Cooks Up More than Outdoor Fun

    On Land: Student Habitat Garden Cooks Up More than Outdoor Fun

    Briana Lonas, Prescott Valley Tribune, September 2, 2015

    What happens in Brent Welsh's classroom, stays in the classroom. That's because the curriculum includes soil, bugs, vegetables and plenty of sunshine. The Habitat Garden at Coyote Springs Elementary School allows third through sixth grades the chance to gain knowledge about organic growing techniques.
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