National School Garden Program

in partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill

  • Ellis School Garden (Denver, CO)
  • A school garden bounty (Buffalo, NY)
  • Ellis School Garden to Cafeteria Program (Denver, CO)
  • Friendship Garden (Charlotte, NC)
  • Composting at Dawes Elementary School (Chicago, IL)
  • Harvesting parsnips (Buffalo, NY)
  • Class in the garden (Long Island, NY)

We grow community around school gardens by providing technical assistance, resources and partnerships to cultivate the next generation of healthy eaters of good, clean and fair food.

Slow Food USA's National School Garden Program (NSGP) aims to reconnect youth with their food by teaching them how to grow, cook and enjoy real food. Through increased confidence, knowledge gain and skill building, we want to empower children to become active participants in their food choices. By becoming informed eaters, today’s children will help make a positive impact on the larger world of food and farming well into the future.

The goal of the NSGP is to support local Slow Food chapters and volunteers to become more effective in sustaining school garden programs in their community. We hope chapters will serve as a local school garden hub of important resources and volunteer assistance, as well as a connector that facilitates partnerships on the ground. And with generous support from Chipotle Mexican Grill, the expansion of Slow Food USA’s National School Garden Program brings an abundance of resources to Slow Food chapters and schools across the country.

What’s New?

School garden resources recently added

Garden to Cafe Food Safety Protocol from San Diego Unified School District

GCF Curriculum CoverGCF Good Cover

GCF Chapter 1 Sensory Ed CoverGCF Chapter 2 Kitchen Skills Cover

How’s It Growing

  • Slow Food Youth Network at the Mass Hort School Garden Conference

    Slow Food Youth Network at the Mass Hort School Garden Conference

    Ann Cromley, Slow Food UVM, March 12, 2015

    The future of food is in the hands of the children of this world! Teachers and advocates play a greatly important role in the future of the food movement; returning to the roots of our native lands, integrating edible education, and installing inspiration and passion for good, clean, fair food into the hearts of students and youth across the globe!
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  • A FoodCorps Reflection on the Oregon School Garden Summit

    A FoodCorps Reflection on the Oregon School Garden Summit

    Aaron Poplack, FoodCorps, February 27, 2015

    Hello from Oregon! As a second-year FoodCorps service member here, I have quickly realized that one of the greatest strengths of Oregon’s school garden movement is its commitment to building a thriving community of school garden practitioners. Each year, Oregon’s diverse group of school garden educators and farm to school advocates have the chance to meet and trade ideas at the annual Oregon School Garden Summit.
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