National School Garden Program

in partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Resources for School Garden Programs

Slow Food USA's National School Garden program has partnered with Chipotle to bring more resources to school gardens. Below are a few examples of fundraising and educational tools offered by Chipotle. If you are interested in applying for any of the Chipotle resources, please click on the links below to access Chipotle's registration forms.

Chipotle- Cause an Effect
Fundraisers (8 weeks notice)

Is your school interested in raising money for their garden program? Chipotle hosts in-restaurant fundraisers to raise additional funds for school garden programs. During the fundraiser, 50% of the sales that you bring into Chipotle are donated back to the school. Chipotle will provide a flyer that can be printed or emailed to help you spread the word throughout your school and community. Click here to register for a fundraiser.

Food Donations (5 weeks notice)

Is your school planning any large events related to your school garden program? Do you have a big planting party, harvest day, or community meeting coming up? Based on availability, there is an option for Chipotle to donate food for volunteers and garden leaders. (50 burrito limit per request). Click here to sign up for a food donation.

Chipotle Gift Cards
Chipotle Currency/Gift Cards (5 weeks notice)

Chipotle has many different types of gift cards that can be used to incentivize volunteers and reward students and faculty. Click here to request Chipotle Currency.

Chipotle- Grow Activity Books
Grow Activity Books (5 weeks notice)

Chipotle has created a Grow Activity book for kids. This educational book is all about how food grows, where food grows and how food helps you grow. This book is best suited for 3rd – 5th grade students. Click here to request Grow Activity Books.

Chipotle- Grow Kits
Grow Seed Starting Kits (5 weeks notice)

Chipotle has Tiny Tim heirloom tomato Grow kits that would be a nice giveaway at an event or to use with students in a class. Grow kits come as individual 3” pots and include a soil disc that expands with water. The educational material that goes best with these kits is the Grow Activity Book. Click here to request Grow Seed Starting Kits.

Need help with the application? Check out: How to Apply for Chipotle Resources Directly

Also, be sure to check out other Slow Food USA School Garden resources, including our Good, Clean and Fair School Garden Curriculum.