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FarmRaiser: Healthy Fundraising for Schools

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Are you looking for a way to raise money to grow your school garden? We’re excited to announce our partnership with FarmRaiser, an amazing way to generate essential funds for your school or non-profit organization. If you’re sick of candy, cookie dough or coupon book fundraisers, FarmRaiser is your healthy, high-profit fundraising alternative. With FarmRaiser, you can quickly and easily create an authentic, effective fundraiser featuring great products from local farms and artisans that your supporters are sure to love: seeds and flowers; fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade cheese, and many many others.

Not only can you ditch the junk food fundraisers, a FarmRaiser provides countless opportunities to connect kids with the local food system and integrate with your gardening curriculum. Whether you’re raising money for your school garden, PTO, sports team, band, or club, FarmRaiser and Slow Food USA can help you reach your goals and build a stronger, healthier community.

FarmRaiser Advantages

When you join FarmRaiser, you get everything you need to create healthy, profitable fundraisers.

FarmRaiser's COPPA-compliant platform allows kids to sell online, with mobile apps, and using paper forms, while learning fun facts about their local food system. With your FarmRaiser, your can use multiple payment options, step-by-step guides, customer support, and detailed reports to make your campaign run smoothly.

With no upfront costs and no minimum orders, you can get started right away. Join the healthy fundraising revolution, sign up for your FREE FarmRaiser account today.

Use the code "SLOWFOOD50" when you register your campaign to earn an extra $50 for your fundraiser and support Slow Food USA!