National School Garden Program

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Starting & Maintaining Your Garden

Launching a garden program at your school requires lots of planning, research, meetings and gathering support. The concept of a school garden needs to be shared and marketed to the school community. A strong school garden team is necessary for leadership and vision for the overall project. In this section, we will provide Best Practices from Slow Food leaders on these various needs of a new school garden program. We will provide concrete examples of resources from Slow Food chapters that you can download and adapt for your project.

Why School Gardens?

Slow Food USA has completed a literature review on the impact of school gardens and cooking classes. We've prepared summaries for parents, teachers, garden leaders, and school administrators as well as PowerPoint slides that can be downloaded and used in presentations. It is our hope that you can use this information when convincing others “Why School Gardens?”.

SFUSA School Garden Guide

A catalog of Best Practices from Slow Food chapters around important topics such as Design & Build, Volunteers, Fundraising, Curriculum, Marketing, Special Projects, Policy, and Evaluation. This useful guide can be downloaded as a pdf or a hardcopy can be ordered.


Slow Food USA did a national search for grant opportunities related to school gardens and cooking classes. We have compiled a list of current grants and links to get more information. At the end of the section, we have included some templates from successful grant applications to serve as models for your own grant application.

Garden Signage

School gardens are a great place for the community to gather to learn more about the school and its projects. Garden signs can be used to welcome the community and to inform them of how to get involved. Slow Food USA has developed a Welcome Sign for school gardens that helps connect the garden to the community.

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